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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely, offering administrative support for your business. VAs operate either on a contract basis, or are retained for a prearranged number of hours within a certain period of time. VAs are sought by companies of all sizes and across many industries as they can be an affordable way of improving productivity, efficiency and workflow. Virtual assistants work in private home offices as independent contractors. This means they handle all their own expenses, including taxes and insurance. You simply hire them to perform a specific job or time period, and only pay for the time used or by the project.

What does a VA actually do?

Virtual assistants offer a wide range of services which may include: • Email inbox cleanup and maintenance • Responding to routine invitations and manage calendars • Data entry, transcription, bookkeeping, expense management, and sickness coverage.*to be discussed

Why hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

There are a variety of reasons to hire a VA: • To outsource common administrative tasks for your business (i.e. calls, emails, appointment bookings, etc.) to help increase productivity and improved work quality • To allow you to spend time on the aspects of your business that require your specific skillsets and passion, rather than being bogged down by administrative work and tasks • For affordability and reduced labour costs. Hiring a VA can be more cost-effective than hiring, training and retaining full-time, on-site staff • To reduce the risk of scaling up your business, allowing for a step-by-step expansion without complex staffing and HR requirements adding to your workload • To have access to experience and niche skills without needing to commit to a full-time employee

What about confidentiality issues?

VAs with education and experience working in medical practices are knowledgeable about privacy laws and client/patient confidentiality. PIPEDA guidelines should be adhered to as per the contract. I invite you to learn more about my company and the many professional services I offer. I look forward to working with you in the near future!

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