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Considerations When Hiring a Healthcare Virtual Assistant

There are a few key things to consider when determining whether a healthcare virtual assistant (VA) is right for your small business. First, consider the type of tasks you would like/need to delegate. Scheduling appointments, invoicing clients, administrative support, and inbox management are all tasks a healthcare VA could provide. Additionally, you may need support with specific skills, such as onboarding new staff and training them on the software.


Bear in mind your bottom line. Healthcare VAs are independent contractors and charge typically between $25/hr -$45/hr depending on specialty and experience. By contrast, an employee will cost typically $45-49/hr once benefits, deductions and other payroll responsibilities are taken into account. And this does not include providing a physical workspace and all the required equipment for them to do their job. (Visit Cost Comparison.)

Hiring a healthcare VA offsets many of the additional costs associated with an employee. There are no healthcare insurance expenses or pension plan contributions, and no physical office setup costs (i.e., telephone, desk, computer, or physical space).

Personalized Service:

The pandemic has hit many Canadian small businesses hard. Consider if you would like to support another small business that offers personalized service. Self-employed healthcare VAs are small business owners too, so we understand the responsibility that rests on our clients’ shoulders in a way that many employees simply cannot understand. We also understand the pride you take in a job well done.


Healthcare providers in Ontario must abide by both the Personal Health Information Act, 2004 (PHIPA) and the Personal Information and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA). Hiring a healthcare VA that understands this and is equipped to abide by the legislation can be essential for protecting your clients’ information. A healthcare VA equipped with private office space and an understanding of how to manage confidential patient information can allow you to have more peace of mind as a healthcare custodian. The inclusion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in a contract with a healthcare VA can support this.


Regular communication with your healthcare VA is essential for efficient and successful workflow. Defining your expectations is also important to be clear on the healthcare VA’s responsibilities and tasks. Deciding on a platform that works best for both of you, whether it be via telephone, virtual meetings, or text messaging can mean the difference between frustrating interactions, and smooth workflow and collaboration.

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