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What's Your Why?

People often ask me why I wanted to be a virtual assistant. Sometimes we get caught up checking off a list of things to do that we forget our purpose. Spring is a good time to reflect on the why; why are we in business?

Like most the pandemic was a major stressor for me. I was one of the ‘lucky ones’ who didn’t sit at home for months on end. Instead, I was commuting back and forth to a mental health facility serving patients during the pandemic. The hospital went through government protocols that changed minute by minute. During that time, the hospital needed to roll out a new patient scheduling system which added tremendous pressure on physicians and staff. I changed my focus from direct patient contact to learning the new software and teaching others how to use it, with the goal of improved patient care. It also gave me an opportunity to put staff at ease in this ever-changing environment.

I became a virtual assistant because I love problem solving and working together to build relationships with patients and their healthcare practitioners. I’m interested in supporting healthcare practitioners from both Eastern and Western philosophies, including mental health practitioners, because this is what I know in a personal and professional capacity.

Working throughout the pandemic, I came to learn that we have the technology to make healthcare accessible, especially for those unable to leave their homes. Overall, working in healthcare, healthcare-related non-profits and the wellness industry has afforded me vast knowledge in administrative, interpersonal and analytical skills. My goal is to use those skills and learn more about your practice in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your purpose? Why are you in business? Contact me today to have a discussion.

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